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Willbyr MOD
Jul 5th 2016 at 8:10:26 AM •••

I've moved this here to discuss whether or not it's worth keeping. The reason Sarah's pumping the shotgun one-handed is because her right arm's injured...she has to use both hands to hold and fire the gun, but doing it one-handed minimizes the stress on her wounded arm.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: Sarah Connor racking her Remington 870 shotgun one-handed when shooting the T-1000 in the steel mill. While it looks awesome, there really isn't any practical reason to do this instead of the standard 2-handed method.

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Jul 5th 2016 at 8:55:04 AM •••

Yeah I agree. I never understood why that was added, but I'm not a gun expert.

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