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May 27th 2018 at 5:29:34 PM •••

How does the DMTNT Jack backstory contradict his backstory in the prequal novels?

I'm editing the main page of DMTNT and I want to know specific instances between both backstories that are irreconcilable because a couple of them can be made to fit together.

Mar 9th 2018 at 9:20:46 AM •••

Would Salazar be considered more of a Bad Boss or Benevolent Boss?

Jun 4th 2017 at 4:02:26 PM •••

OK, is there a place to put this? I think that the writers missed a nice little thematic opportunity in this movie. Way, way back in Black Pearl, the pirates made a big deal about the code. Part of the code was that if a pirate falls behind, you leave him behind.

Jump forward to this movie, and there's no mention of the code at all. But our villain, Captain Salazar, is a slayer of pirates. He hates pirates with a passion. But when mortality is returned to him, when he and his men are free once again, Captain Salazar has the opportunity to pursue vengeance or to leave his men behind.

What does he do? He leaves them behind!! So who's the pirate, then?

I'd love to put that in here somewhere, but none of the tropes seems like a fit.

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Jun 4th 2017 at 8:50:59 PM •••

Closest thing I can think of might be They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot, but ot doesn't quite seem to fit.

Sep 8th 2018 at 12:58:04 PM •••

This may end up going under your mileage may vary but I you need to reexamine continuity snarl in the scene where Will Turner speaks to his young son.

Think about it for one minute. Will is the only one on Deck he is very much in command of the ship and very much holding the rest of the crew back as long as he can tell allow his son to get back to the land of the living. As far as his appearance well that\'s probably where your mileage may vary will probably come in probably trying to scare his son into not doing anything stupid and ending up on the Dutchman for the rest of eternity

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