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Fighteer MOD
May 20th 2011 at 11:49:31 AM •••

  • Innocent Innuendo: In one scene, Martin goes to the bedroom of his high school girlfriend and love interest, Debbie and he comments on her bed being the "same bed" and Debbie makes a comment about them doing something that they used to there. This turns out to be Martin spinning her like a helicopter, but this isn't apparent immediately.
    • I didn't read this as being all that innocent. The helicopter bit is, but the actors played the scene as former lovers.
      • Nitpick here, he doesn't spin her like a helicopter, he balances her on his feet so she can "fly".
        • This is actually not an Innocent Innuendo at all. They make the comment about the bed and then later Debi says straight up that she'll go with him to the reunion if he gives her a helicopter and they do the helicopter. Doesn't fit this trope.
          • Considering that 'the helicopter' is an urban myth among intercourse positions, there's still a lot of room for innuendo.

The above doesn't sound "innocent" to me. But it's contested so I'm nuking it.

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