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Fighteer MOD
Aug 22nd 2012 at 8:35:29 AM •••

Some notes on my recent cleanup pass. More to follow.

  • All Women Are Lustful: Possibly implied by Captain Typho's comment about being more worried about Senator Padme trying something foolish, than Anakin.

"Possibly implied" does not make a trope. A young woman and a young man being attracted to one another when in close proximity hardly implies an aesop about how women are lustful.

  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: We all knew Yoda must have been amazing in his prime, but this movie was the first to show it.
    • And he wasn't even in his prime. Imagine what he would have been like when he was only 400 years old!
    • This is also the first film where we get to see Mace Windu in action. Since he's played by Samuel L Jackson, we all knew he was going to be a badass, but we never got to see this side of him in the first movie.

At no point are we implied to believe that Yoda or Mace Windu are dumb or ineffective. CMHB is not when a character whom we know to be powerful suddenly demonstrates that fact.

A clever pun does not disguise the fact that this trope is not happening, so it doesn't count.

Misuse of the trope. There is a Xanatos Gambit, yes, but not a Gambit Roulette. Palpatine and Dooku are not counting on impossibly unpredictable things happening to make their plan work.

This is Trivia, as is the Trope Namer on Aggressive Negotiations.

  • Jossed: Up until this film, it had generally been assumed, and accepted as fanon, if not canon, that the Clone Wars had been fought by the Republic against the Clones.
    • Some EU writers got it right though, notably Timothy Zahn made it a point that in the early days the Empire made extensive use of clones to fill out their Stormtrooper ranks.

Also Trivia.

Lastly, the Kick the Dog example properly belonged under Disproportionate Retribution. Kick the Dog is not about why he killed the Raiders, but that doing so was his first openly evil act.

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Fighteer MOD
Aug 22nd 2012 at 9:07:55 AM •••

  • Rule of Sexy: There's no way getting scratched on the back would reveal the whole midriff all the way around the waist. But who cares?
    • Granted, the nexu might have gotten a claw stuck in the fabric, causing it to rip off when it retracted its paw.

As written, this is just noodling around, not a trope.

Whether you believe it or not, it takes more than just a hunch, and preferably Word of God, to be a Take That!.

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