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Aug 13th 2013 at 5:59:15 AM •••

Yeah, I know this might seem... odd... but I would like for someone to check out the first Twilight fic I wrote. I've been on and off of the Fanfic stuff for a while now, and I like keeping a wide range, so even though I'm not the biggest fan of Twilight, I liked it enough to try my hand at making a fic. I know their are grammatical and spelling mistakes (In my defense, when I went back and tried to edit the fic, the text boxes began acting weird i.e. erasing stuff I did not want to erase when all I was trying to do was insert a space or letter here or there) but I do think that most of you will be unable to deny there is something about this fic that makes it stand out...

Also, it is NSFW... Just a heads up. Also, if I'm not supposed to post this sort of stuff here, sorry. xD

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Jun 20th 2011 at 9:51:19 AM •••

I feel I need to bring up the recomendation for Lingering Luminosity. I have suspisions that the person who recomended the author for everyone, was actually the author herself. Aka... she sockpuppeted to get her fanfics more reviews. It may not be much proof, but the person who recomended the fanfic called themselves Verity. On her Harry Potter fanfic, the main character is called Verity. It seems to good to be more then a simple coincidence.

So, either the entry needs to be deleted, or it needs people to back up the recomendation. Persoanlly, while she has some great ideas, her actual writing is not strong. (So I can't be the person to make the needed recomendation.)

I'll also admit here, that I may NOT be concidered a non-biased party in the matter, as I have had a run in with the author. However, if it hadn't been for the run in, I don't think I would have looked closer and really noticed that "Verity" thing either.

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Jun 20th 2011 at 1:38:56 PM •••

I've been told that Verity is a very minor canon character for the HP fandom that not everyone is going to know about. I still hold to the fact that other tropers need to verify this recomendation other then this "Verity" person, whether it be the author or not.

Jul 1st 2011 at 12:04:07 AM •••

I don't recall a rule against recommending your own fanfiction. It's a little presumptuous, but it's allowed. And unless I'm mistaken, recommendations don't need anyone's approval, nor does one person's dislike negate anybody else's positive opinion.

Aug 14th 2011 at 3:20:49 PM •••

Sorry for the long time in replying.

"In addition, you will notice that the tropers have signed their recommendations. Somebody has to vouch for them, so if a given recco isn't backed up by anybody, it will be zapped. After a few samples, you will be able to note the interests of the tropers recommending them, and judge whether you might be also interested in a certain 'fic."

This is what it says on the front page of the recomendation page. I've seen on other pages where recommendations have been removed because someone was thought to be trolling/sock puppeting. This also isn't about my dislike for her work either. My point was... I can't be the one to make the needed recomendation to keep it up here.

Lets assume first that the author is NOT sock puppeting. At first glance, because she has marked what is really an original character as an OC, someone may very well think that she is sock puppeting. The character is that minor of a character. If someone else vouches for the series, then the other can be removed so it doesn't look like she is sock puppeting when she is not, right?

However, on the other side, if the author is sock puppeting, it is not a vouched for recomendation, right? So it needs to be zapped. If someone else can recomend the author, then it doesn't need to get zapped, right?

And again, I brought up the fact that I am not a fan of the work because I can't be the person to make the recomendation and I am looking for someone else who is willing to do so.

Aug 27th 2011 at 8:15:54 AM •••

It's Lingering Luminosity here. I decided to 'get known' so I could post a response to this. I already messaged you more than a few times assuring you I was not sock puppetting, yemi hikari and you know very well the reasons why I marked a canon character as OC as I took the time to explain it to you in my last message.

I think you yourself also know perfectly well that I am not sock puppeting since you are now trying to get this removed on the basis of someone else 'thinking' it is a sock puppet which I have already tried to tell you is unlikely. Perhaps if it was a specific, unusual name, first and surname you could be forgiven in making that mistake but Verity is a perfectly common given name and you are very well aware that there is a minor character in the HP series called Verity- a quick search of any Harry Potter directory would tell you that and even if there wasn't and it was solely an original character, your supposed suspicions would still be based on the most tenuous of links. There is nothing stopping me from finding that name for my OC on any name database online or taking inspiration from people I know in real life who go by that name.

Really the Verity issue is sort of irrelevant anyway as the reccomendation here is for the twilight fiction and not the Harry Potter story which troubles you so. There is no Verity in any of my twilight fics reccommended on this page.

The Verity who made the reccomendation- who I am still very grateful to has actually linked back to their tv tropes profile and the reccomendation therefore is backed up. You will also notice that the name Verity as they have explained in the profile is from a completley different fandom to the Harry Potter one I chose. By your logic you can imply that JK Rowling is a sock puppet for the author of To Say nothing of the Dog, because they both have original characters named Verity.

And if a moderator feels the need to check the IP address of this account over the person making the reccomendation, they can go right ahead because it is most certainly not me. In fact I would love it if someone could, just so Yemi Hikari can put this notion to bed once and for all.

Yemi Hikari, I know you don't like my writing or me personally, that's fair enough, your opinion is valid- feel free to add a caveat to the reccomendation about the writing not being strong in your opinion but its no reason to demand that a reccomendaton that is someone else's perfectly valid opinion be removed all while falsely accusing me- and I believe, knowing perfectly well at this point that it is most likely a false accusation- of creating sock puppet accounts .

The reccomendation IS vouched for since the user Verity signed their name and included a link to their troper profile, it is NOT a sock puppet account, the reccomendation does not need to be zapped or modified as it breaks no rules.End of story.

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Mar 15th 2012 at 9:20:19 PM •••

Uh, hi! I'm the Verity who wrote the rec like a bazillion years ago? I haven't been on for a while, so. I thought the fics were interesting and worth reading, so I recc'd them? THIS IS SUPER WEIRD FOR ME, HI. I've written a lot of fanfic recs for various fandoms across the site and have been her fo quite a while, so I'm kind of amused that someone thought I was a sock, but w/e. /pinkie pie shrug

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