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Nov 3rd 2018 at 10:58:18 PM •••

I would like to recommend 2 Shipping fanfics. The first one is called \"Priceless Treasures\" by Fallen From Insanity on Deviant Art, and the pairing is an arrogant, self-centered, anti-social male Pikachu (Partner) and a sweet, innocent, na´ve female Eevee (Hero). It is based off of the Explorer games, and follows the plot line of them, and it is exactly 40 Chapters long. The shipping really starts to kick in somewhere in between Chapters 17 and 19 (the one with Fogbound Lake). It stops after Graduation from the Guild, but is a beautifully crafted story. The status of this Fan Fiction is Complete.

The second Fanfic I want to recommend is called \"Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Explorers of Legends\" by Mew Lover 54 on Fan The pairing is Pikachu x Buneary, and I do not think this is based off of any Games. I believe this is entirely original, so you have been warned. The description of the story is as follows:

\"A human turned buneary finds herself thrust into the world of pokemon...without much in terms of warning. In fact, there was no voice warning of future danger or anything. Join her as she stumbles her way through this new world, trying to find out what the heck she\'s been sent there to do!\"

The status is Ongoing, but it appears that the author has taken a break because of life as well as a dry spell in ideas. So far, the story is 35 Chapters long and has 93,868 Words. The Buneary (Hero) is named Gracie and is incredibly timid. The Pikachu (Partner) is named Tyson and is lonely, arrogant, anti-social, stubborn, and prefers to work alone and be on his own.

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