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Aug 18th 2011 at 2:52:25 PM •••

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[ Storm Born] by Morgenwrites

  • Synopsis: It was supposed to be their one chance to be together. Instead it plunged them straight into a nightmare. An alternate look at what could have happened in "Touched" and beyond.

OP's text for the review: The best Legend of the Seeker fic out there, bar none. It's an alt-Season 2 that veers from canon after "Touched" but still manages to be more canon compliant than maybe even the show. There is Prophecy; there is the battle between the Keeper and the Creator for a soul; there are lovely Kahlan/Richard moments and lovely family moments. The only flaw in this story is that because of the way it veers from canon, Kahlan and Cara don't get the opportunity to develop the close friendship that they do in canon. But there are still some wonderful Cara/Kahlan moments and wonderful Cara moments. Everyone who loves the show will love this story.

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