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May 7th 2014 at 6:19:42 PM •••

Why is this being called the potential worst fanfic of all time? It's absolutely hilarious, and massively entertaining. Something along the lines of [ Kelly the Roman Warrior] except I'm guessing it's a trollfic, and this is even more funny. There are several moments that are almost certainly satire/parody. See this:

"kitkat loooked at the sin that sed 'FLOR 3; EVIL STUFF' and sed jack we shud go the 3 floor and get sum evil stuf becuz we are evil adn can beat dav with the evil stuf."

Plus, if the writer was writing sincerely, how likely would it be that they would spell Karkat's name wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME? AND make it something as funny as "kitkat."

Furthermore, even if it was written entirely sincerely (which I highly doubt it was), it's still very entertaining, and nowhere near as mind-numbing and offensive as My Immortal or Blood Raining Night (which I do believe to be sincere).

By the way, there are tons of subverted tropes in here... and even some references to My Immortal. Maybe I will add them later.

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