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Jan 5th 2011 at 4:26:14 PM •••

Also, can somebody fix the Character page?

Dec 5th 2010 at 1:39:37 AM •••

Should we really be discussing Word of God? Ri2 only says them in PM's and I am kinda wary about posting them on the page. I prefer letting them happen before we talk about them. I know one or two plot points, but out of respect for Ri2, I will not say them until they come to pass.

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Jan 31st 2011 at 12:05:48 PM •••

I know him personally - well on the net - and he says he doesn't mind.

Feb 5th 2011 at 1:11:37 AM •••

Alright, although my unspoken vow is to only say Word of God from the current events. I will not say anything from future events.

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