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Aug 23rd 2011 at 2:10:28 PM •••

Pilots, Unwanted Bonds and Thermidor.

Unwanted Bonds: Piloted by Menno Ruh, aka Miranda Smith. She has been mind raped, to make her follow orders. She has also been cybernetically altered, to make sure she follows her orders. She was picked up by Stein, near dead. She is still allowed free reign of communications, as a further way to depress her. A major source of the newfound drama.

Thermidor: Piloted by Fiona Jarnefeldt. She fell in love with him quite early on, and agreed to stay with him. She agreed to being 'abducted' by Stein and seemingly killed, but was not ready for the implants and mind rape Ghost and Stein had planned. She is now entirely compatible with both the original 002-B system and the newer Thermidor system, and crazy Yandere with the more regular Tsundere thrown in. Will follow every order with almost pure joy from Ghost, but is hostile to those who do not appreciate his insanity and treat him as the most sane person in the world.

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