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Mar 24th 2018 at 3:21:10 PM •••

Tropers.gorillavkk keeps trying to add the following to the page:

Corypheus, a Darkspawn emissary who was one of the mages who entered the Golden City and supposedly corrupted the Golden City into the Black City, claims the City was already black and evil, and it in fact corrupted them. If this claim is true, then the Maker is very likely a god of [[God of Evil darkness and evil.

The problem is that it's a pretty egregious use of Speculative Troping. The Black City being black before Corypheus got there could mean ANYTHING, especially since we A) have zero proof that the Maker exists, B) have hints from Elven sources that the Black City might be where the Evunaris were sealed by Solas and C) Word of God is that it was gold before the Magisters invaded. But either way, the game has given NO definite information about why the City is black, if it WAS black beforehand, or how it got that way. Saying that it "likely" means that The Maker is evil and "a god of darkness" is just bad troping.

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