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Jan 30th 2014 at 4:32:37 PM •••

The example here about Michael Jackson's music video for "Black or white" goes like this: "Once outside, the leopard transforms into Michael Jackson and begins to compulsively perform a dance that becomes more and more unnerving as it goes along, with a great deal of crotch-grabbing. Suddenly he begins smashing a car, shop windows, etc., screaming all the while. As this orgy of godlike destruction concludes, Michael's screams are mixed with the roars of his leopard alter ego. He finally rips off half his clothes and collapses into the rain-slicked street, whereupon he transforms back into the leopard, snarls, and stalks away. And then in a particularly egregious case of Mood Whiplash, the scene cuts to an animated living room, where it is revealed that Bart Simpson has been watching the entire time. His father bursts in and orders Bart to turn off the TV, prompting Bart to retort with one of his trademark wisecracks. Needless to say, this video left many in its television audience confused, traumatized, and angered. Jackson was forced to issue a public apology for the incident and the video was recut so that it ended just before the "black leopard" sequence. Later, the full-length version reappeared with CGI effects superimposing racist graffiti on the objects he smashed to provide justification for his rage."

This might be a weird sequence, it might even qualify as a Big-lipped Alligator Moment, but how is it a Downer Ending? MJ showed plenty of anger, but there was nothing really sad about it. And really, wouldn't the light-hearted short sequence with Bart and Homer be the real ending anyway?

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