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Dec 12th 2015 at 11:41:46 PM •••

I remember first seeing Mitch Hedberg on Comedy Showcase one night while my best friend was staying over. Mitch was quite the sight, with his long hair, glasses, & a very loud Hawaiian shirt, a guy on an upright bass behind him giving the whole act the feel of a jazz act or a beat poetry recital. Mitch had one joke that had my friend & I both howling with laughter, and picking up our jaws off the floor, wondering just who the hell this guy was:

"This shirt is dry-clean only, which means it's dirty!"

He somehow managed to make it even funnier the second time he told it, just about 30 seconds later.

Even now, I often find myself quoting his bit about escalators:

"Escalators should never have a 'Temporarily Out of Order' sign on them. It should say, 'Escalators Temporarily Stairs. We Apologize For the Convenience'!"

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