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Jul 27th 2012 at 8:14:11 AM •••

"No one inside Ireland would mistake her accent" is not a fair statement. I'm from north Wicklow myself and it took me a bit to realise she was even Irish when I first heard her. Her accent is more than slightly posh and has quite a bit of 'English' intonation. I can definitely imagine quite a few people outside of greater Dublin not recognising it as Irish especially older folk who aren't used to the homogenised 'young' Irish accent that's become prevalent.

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Oct 26th 2013 at 7:44:21 PM •••

While her accent is undeniably posh it is definitely Irish posh with no direct English intonation; I'm from South County Dublin myself and that is definitely the sort of accent you'd hear in Dalkey and Blackrock, and not just amongst late twenties/early thirties somethings - it is definitely a longstanding accent (Bob Geldof, who is almost exactly twice Katie's age has similar posh intonations.)

"No one inside Ireland would mistake her accent" might perhaps be hyperbole but the point is still true that a lot of people who have never set foot in England have that accent, while it is largely unfamiliar abroad.

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