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Sep 25th 2012 at 12:24:09 PM •••

Please tell me why we have a trope page of this "fine gentleman"? Yes, he can offer several insightful views, but probably not more than your average semi-informed lurker can. In addition, he's probably made unspeakably bad mistakes and blatant padding by *anytbody's* standards, like equating anybody who did anything wrong in World War Two as a Fascist and speaking gloriously of Age of Musket and Rifle Wars while discounting that most of the "brave dead" died not in his supposed "Glorious Battle" but ingloriously from sickness? And that's getting started...

The fact is that by anybody's standards he's hit and miss, and the fact that he *doesn't actually exist* but is a fictional character seems to indicate that his writer isn't courageous or honest enough to say what he's said through his mouths under his own name, in large part because he probably knows he'd be rightfully condemned and laughed out of the room.

I'm sorry, and I admit I'm not unbiased about him, but I don't see why he should be our sole trope page in military analysts when he's basically a glorified bloodhound who probably doesn't exist or believe most of what he directly spews. I petition to delete.

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May 12th 2013 at 6:40:05 PM •••

There Is No Such Thing As Notability

But there is such a thing as quality control. Are we supposed to put TV Tropes pages up for-say- Stormfront or (more accurately) Ward Churchill?

At minimum, the page here needs to be handled far more critically (and b that I mean at least an order of magnitude).

May 13th 2011 at 6:33:41 AM •••

Crowning Moment Of Awesome - Gary wasn't alone in predicting trouble for Operation Iraqi Freedom, but he was pretty much alone in saying the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006 wasn't going to go well for Israel.
  • Disputed. There were more than a few (mainly those who had been looking at Israel's "offensives" against Fatah and Hamas) others who pointed out the way this would go, and more accurately than he had: namely that the Israelis actually won tactically but did not push their advantage and were generally hamstrung by public opinion.

Please argue over this here and NOT on the main page, thank you.

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