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Oct 31st 2014 at 8:36:50 AM •••

Cut this for turning into Conversation In The Main Page. The wiki is not a forum. Please see Example Indentation, How To Write An Example, and Repair Dont Respond. We don't usually list "aversions", certainly not when "aversion" is just an euphemism for "does not apply". Note that the expression Golden Mean Fallacy inherently expresses criticism. It's only a Golden Mean Fallacy if Aristotle treats it as a fallacy.

  • Take a Third Option / Golden Mean Fallacy: Aristotle believed that every virtue represented a sensible third position between two equally bad extremes. For example, in conversation, say too little and you'll be considered shy, say too much and you'll bore everyone else. "Wit", therefore, is the virtue of saying just the right amount.
    • He did, however, AVERT the Golden Mean Fallacy in other areas, pointing out that there are places where this does not apply. Murder, for instance, is not an area where this applies. The 'right amount of murder' is not a matter of finding an area between killing everyone, and killing no one.

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