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Feb 16th 2012 at 9:27:02 AM •••

Am I the only person in the world who thought that this book was terrible?

Sep 21st 2011 at 7:11:54 AM •••

Rather than try and hack it down into a useful entry, I cut out this tract of discussion and first-person opinions.

  • Humans Are Bastards: You have a kitty, bunny, and doggy being mutilated, trained to talk and obey orders, then ordered killed once they complete their assignments. With the odd exception of the creator who engineered the escape of the animals, all the scientists and soldiers get what's coming to them. The homeless guy at the end also counts as an exception, and gets a few crowning moments of awesome. Also Trendle, after his Heel–Face Turn
    • I think you are vastly oversimplifying the morality in this story. Yes, the female scientist who liberated the animals may appear as the heroic human character at first. But if you put some thought on it, the soldiers getting ripped to shreds certainly did not deserve it, since I seriously doubt any of them was fully aware of the nature of the top secret experiment. The train driver or the dad who was on a hunting trip with his son certainly hadn't it coming, I don't think those lives were worth the freedom of some household pets. That was the moment where I realized that cute innocent animals as the WE 3 were, perhaps it was a mistake to let them run free like that. Good thing the story had a GUD end!
    • Not to mention that the government, though unflinching, kept civilian safety as their number one concern. The reason they wanted the animals terminated in the first place? To prevent the animals from getting loose and hurting innocent people, which is exactly what happens. They keep civilians' lives as top priority as shown when they immediately terminate 4 for endangering a single police officer, despite the fact that it's their own countermeasure.
    • Actually, the first person is very much right in their assessment of the story and its undertones. The government was generally on damage control and had to make it look like they were protecting civilian safety - any PR department will tell you about damage control - and the scientist that let them loose? Grant Morrison said in an interview that she let them loose in the hopes that they would kill her for all the evil things that she'd been forced to do as part of this little project.

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