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Dec 13th 2015 at 3:54:26 PM •••

"Most of Gaiman's characters have had very limited interaction with the main DCU since the comic ended, because DC has to pay him a royalty to use them"

Really? I always sort of assumed it was the same sort of arrangement as James Robinson's Starman, where DC could technically do whatever they liked, but the sort of writer who might want to use the characters wouldn't do so without the creator's permission. Certainly when Paul Cornell was talking about Death's appearance in Action Comics, he mentioned his editor being surprised and his desire to get Gaiman's approval, but nothing about DC telling him there were financial complications to it.

Nov 6th 2013 at 10:25:27 PM •••

Will the new prequel series go here, or would it have its own page?

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Nov 7th 2013 at 7:36:31 AM •••

Not that I have any say in this, but it seems natural to deal with the prequels on this page (possibly but not necessarily dividing the page into "The Original Series" / "The Prequels" sections). If you want it to have its own page (or, conversely, if you want to avoid this) you may want to create a thread for discussing it in the forums, where the people who do have a say are more likely to see it. It would be nice in that case if you posted a link to the thread here, for the benefit of people like me who don't spend much time in the forums.

Apr 1st 2010 at 2:32:59 PM •••

Pulled the bit about Terry Pratchett having a version of the Endless whose names all begin with "S". I don't know where this idea keeps coming from, but he doesn't.

(Why would Terry have a parody of Neil's Death? He's got his own Death.)

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