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Nov 30th 2011 at 11:30:36 PM •••

Did all of the YMMV tropes need to be moved off this page? A good number of them were alignment descriptors for classes. While the alignments tropes may fit under YMMV when applied to characters, there isn't really any varying mileage when you discuss them when associated with the classes that have to be certain alignments (or are restricted from being certain alignments).

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Sep 14th 2011 at 12:15:58 PM •••

So, several classes were removed relatively recently on account of being in "third party" handbooks. So are we excluding them based on that fact? Seems kind of unintuitive to have a page listing classes, yet exclude some based on the fact that they came from a "third party" sourcebook, especially since there aren't that many. They are still D-and-D classes, so what is the harm in including them and what is gained by excluding them? Why even have this page if you don't list all the available classes?

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Nov 30th 2011 at 11:23:49 PM •••

Something... rubs me the wrong way about having unofficial classes on the class page list. The best comparison I can come up with would be that it's like adding characters from an unofficial game mod onto a game's character page.

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Mar 4th 2012 at 2:58:11 AM •••

Would it be possible to add them as separate folder, like "Third Party Classes" or something similar?

Dec 3rd 2018 at 6:24:26 PM •••

I honestly like the idea of third-party classes being but in their own folder, however I'm unsure if that is allowed.

Dec 2nd 2010 at 5:26:54 AM •••


What Evocations do Warden have Combat Tentacles? I have Player's Handbook 2 and Primal Power, But I what to know what Evocations have Combat Tentacles.

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