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Jan 10th 2018 at 7:55:57 AM •••

Now, I wonder if any of the characters do have a Five Stages of Grief trope of their own... say, look into ones like Kazuma Kiryu (I saw through his anger, depression, bargaining and acceptance but I have not seen a trace of denial on him or maybe I had), Akira Nishikiyama or anybody else that suffered enough tragedy in the series.

I would like to see anyone's thoughts on this if possible.

Oct 1st 2017 at 6:16:19 AM •••

Everyone, please be aware that there should be no spoilers above the examples line. See Handling Spoilers. I'm seeing a lot of character pages that need fixing. Took the liberty of cleaning up the Yakuza 0 page (since it's my maiden voyage in this great series).

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Jan 15th 2016 at 6:30:26 AM •••

Now for page images, I say the page images should be like how the Metal Gear Character page image is, by showing the evolution of the characters look.

And with the series being a long running one, characters showing change and age with each game sometimes, changing how they look, or a difference of tech from the past to now, choosing only one image would be not the best thing to represent a character.

For example, for Kiryu there should be an image from 1 or 2, the of 3 or 4, then of 5 (new graphics engine used in 5), then one for 0. Maybe for 6 too if there is a good enough image for that. If Big Boss has 4 different pics, then Kiryu at least deserves 3.

For Akiyama, since he doesn't change too much from game to game, just use 5.

For Haruka, 1 or 2, then 3, then 5. Out of all the characters she has the most obvious changes.

For Ryuji, one of 2 and one of Dead Souls since it's the only other Yakuza game he was in that wasn't a spinoff in old Japan and his model isn't being used for (technically) another character.

For Majima, use the same template I did for Kiryu.

For Saejima, since he had the most obvious changes, 4 and 5. And at this point I think anyone who's reading this understands my viewpoint. Also let's just focus on putting images for the Main Characters only, since if we diverge and start putting images everywhere, it's gonna get too hectic.

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Jan 15th 2016 at 10:39:01 PM •••

I agree with using multiple images to show the character's age progression. I think we can get away just with one for Ryuji if the arm cannon isn't present in there. But I think it'd be better if, unlike a lot of pages, we have multiple images in one, instead of having to click to see multiple ones.

I've been trying to collect whatever character art I can find, and have been going back on forth on whether to use screenshots or promo renders, but screenshots are probably the best way to go. I do think the other individual characters could use images as well, provided they're important enough.

Now just to find really great screenshots...

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Jan 16th 2016 at 3:21:13 PM •••

I'd prefer promo renders if there is no good screenshots. The Metal Gear character uses promo images for the more important characters and those images look great and work well for the characters, and honestly promo images look better than screenshots since screenshots can be pretty meh to look at.

Mar 16th 2016 at 12:16:58 AM •••

I struggled finding images with Y5 Kiryu in his trademark outfit, since I thought it was only fair his main image would have him wearing his grey suit. I was also hoping to find the alternate poses for the others (that aren't used for the Y5 cover) without the hard lighting with little luck, although I found Saejima at least.

Hopefully y'all like it. I threw in the Amon clan as well.

Dec 20th 2015 at 8:30:27 PM •••

The Character Page needs a total makeover. Fixing it in the state that it is in isn't going to help much since it's very cluttered and messy the way it is. Is there someone who knows how to make new links to new pages where we can create sections for this character page?

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Dec 24th 2015 at 12:03:38 AM •••

I'm thinking that when we get the individual pages for the games made, we make a character page to accompany that game, but include links to go back to the main page and stuff like that.

So for example, Yakuza 1 would have a character page for characters introduced in that game, Yakuza 2 the same, 3 through 5 would follow suit, while characters who don't fit in those sections would be on the main character page (like characters from spinoff games that aren't likely to receive their own page). Thinking about it, I think the main page should include not only the playable characters, but major recurring ones who appear in all titles (such as the Amon clan and Komaki), though that could be an issue if important characters like Date are in the Yakuza 1 character page and not the main character page.

I think the biggest obstacle is that considering Yakuza 5 just came out, I'd rather not try to move characters and sort them out when someone could be adding important new content to them. Plus I'm trying to find good images of each character so most of them can have a picture. Not sure whether to go for screenshots or marketing renders.

Edited by Sestren_NK
Dec 24th 2015 at 9:54:10 AM •••

As for making new pages, I think all you do is type the page you want in the URL, (say, Video Game/Yakuza4), and hit the edit button.

Dec 26th 2015 at 7:49:28 PM •••

Well, that was fun and exhausting. Hopefully that's a little better.

Aug 6th 2013 at 12:39:56 PM •••

Is there a reason the characters from Yakuza 4-onward are split into individual folders rather than added to their respective folders above? We should either divide them by game in total, or by affiliation.

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Dec 9th 2015 at 3:05:30 AM •••

Agreed. I've been tempted to put some order in this page.

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