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Feb 19th 2011 at 4:50:54 PM •••

Okay, I seem to have problems with the stuffs about Five-Man Band, but...

Is it OK to say that Jasmine qualifies as The Smart Guy as well? The Mirage Dimension is a very complex technique to do, dealing with illusions and all. Most characters in Sentai with such illusionary techniques is usually saddled with The Smart Guy seat. Sen, on the other hand, his only qualities as The Smart Guy is the Thinking Pose, in battle, he shows more qualities as The Big Guy, with his straightforward fighting style and his ability to do some powerful feat on his own, such as cutting a boulder with his sword (IIRC).

So yeah, would it be OK to think that Jasmine also shares The Smart Guy qualities, while Sen also shares The Big Guy traits? You can say 'In battle, Jasmine is The Smart Guy, while Sen is The Big Guy... while in normal life, Jasmine is The Big Guy, while Sen is The Smart Guy'?

May 17th 2010 at 7:17:50 AM •••

Okay, I'm gonna have to ask about the giving of Tomboy and Girly Girl.

Sure, Jasmine is taller and bigger, and quite probably The Big Guy (but... how is she the Cute Bruiser? I think she's more into Lady of War...). But... she's the tomboy? Umeko seems more outgoing and brash, which is the trait of a tomboy. It doesn't excuse that she is The Chick, but judging from how Jasmine acts (she's mostly reserved usually), I think Jasmine is more like the Girly Girl, especially since she's calm, cool and collected.

Another good point is the Twin Cam Angels episode. Umeko tried to impersonate Jasmine, since she seemed more dependable and such. I think it's the more common occurence that the Tomboy would think that she lacked feminine things and looked up to the Girly so she can look more like a woman...

So, what do you think?

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