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Sep 8th 2016 at 3:05:11 AM •••

I'm a little confused. Why keeping the Demoted to Extra entry on Rebecca's character page? The way I see it, this trope applies if a character who originally had a very important or at least more prominent role only gets a minor role and doesn't have much to say in a following adaptation. Having a small part in the plot in general isn't enough to qualify. Rebecca's part in the original movie was never big or that important to begin with and neither is her role in the original production. I know her part has been ascended in the Broadway adaptation, but since it came after the original production, it's Ascended Extra, which is already featured on her character page. If a small character disappears in the beginning or middle of the story and whose ultimate fate is everyone's guess it's What Happened To The Mouse? Or did I get something wrong?

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