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Mar 16th 2016 at 1:23:04 AM •••

Quoted without comment.

"If you discovered a former devoted Trekkie who was so incensed by “Caretaker” that he decided civilization no longer held any appeal for him and went on to spend the next twenty years eating bugs in the Amazon rainforest, then found a fourteen-year-old boy who had never seen an episode of any Star Trek series but had skimmed every page on Memory Alpha, then locked the two of them in a room with nothing but a computer which had no functions except “word processor” and “SF Debris archive” and told them they couldn’t leave until they had descriptions of as many regular or recurring TNG characters as they could come up with, and secretly rigged a device to release poisonous gases into the room if either of them suggested proofreading, then please come forward because I really want to know who is to blame for TV Tropes’s character page for Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Feb 21st 2011 at 12:47:48 PM •••

Someone needs to quoteright all the pictures. And downsize them! I'd do it, but I don't have the time.

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