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Sep 29th 2017 at 1:18:21 PM •••

Is it alright that I added the Anti Villain trope to Belladonna's group? They clearly do fit the villain group, but a lot of the stuff they do is either in the name of having fun (Stealing Clothes and Breaking into an empty house to watch the tourney with Ash and Red), intrigue over potential siblings (Like talking to Anna about Arnold), and protecting/defending each other (Tokiomi's death was due to Belladonna wanting justice for what he did to Aurora, and the workers killed seem to be more collateral damage as she did spare the one worker who said he had a family, and she made sure to wait until Tokiomi was in an area where the other patients were suffering from Substance Abuse rather than doing it while he was near the cancer wing). There is also the fact that Word of God is that had Aurora asked Belladonna to stop, she would have, and that Aurora is trying to get Belladonna to do things more legally rather than just illegally. There's also the fact that of the three whose backstories are known, all of them have logical reasons for turning out as they did (Aurora disowned by Tokiomi, Evanna's adoptive father being murdered by the psycho's in Azalea Town for stepping on a Slowpoke tail, and the horrid way Belladonna was forced to live until she was thrown out for being a lesbian) and aside from their actions in Poison War, we haven't seen them hurt anyone. It's implied Belladonna wants to kill Paul for what he did to Ash, but even that is similar to actions against Tokiomi. According to the Sliding Scale of Anti-Villains, Evanna, Belladonna, and Aurora fall under either both Noble Anti-Villain and Woobie Anti-Villain, while Aurora falls under Woobie Anti-Villain and Villain in Name Only.

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