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Apr 6th 2017 at 1:01:26 PM •••

I really like the idea of having a Characters page for this series. However, I think we only need to have one character folder per Hardcore player. Instead, we have one main folder for each player, along with another new folder for every season that person appears in. In the case of PBG, McJones, and Dean, they have 11 folders total, which I think is overkill. And with the current format of this page, that number will only grow with every new season that's released.

In the case of the Minecraft seasons, there's character folders for each player's skin: Link, Donald Duck, Jim Raynor, etc. along with a short bio for that character. But I don't feel that details such as Link's status as the Hero of Time, or Raynor being a marshall, is all that relevant to PBG's Hardcore series. Not to mention that the player's personalities in the season overshadow anything about their character's skin anyway. As in, the players themselves aren't actually roleplaying as Donald Duck or Jim Raynor.

We can still make note of the Minecraft character skins. I just don't feel that a whole character folder for each of them is necessary.

My proposition is to get rid of the individual folders for each season and merge all the tropes into one general folder per Hardcore player. So have just one folder for PBG, one for Dean, one for Barry, etc. I think that'll help this page look more organized and less bloated. And with only one folder for each person, it'll be easier to fill out the folders with more tropes. Otherwise, it might be hard to come up with enough tropes for each individual season.

If no-one objects, then I'll go ahead and make the changes to the page myself when I get back from vacation. But I wanted to post this first to see if anyone else has any thoughts.

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May 9th 2017 at 6:11:56 PM •••

Alright, I went ahead and made the change.

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