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Jun 15th 2021 at 6:49:18 AM •••

Viz/Japanese names

There needs to be a better consensus on whether the original Japanese names, ie Fubuki and Tatsumaki are used. Or the Viz names, Blizzard and Tornado.

It's distracting when the first few things of Tatsumaki's entry call her Tatsumaki, and then later call her Tornado.

Another example is in the Monster Association page. It uses the Japanese names Fuhrer Ugly and Black Sperm, but uses the Viz name Centichoro.

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Jun 15th 2021 at 9:04:59 AM •••

Given I'd imagine most people are familiar with the anime over the manga, I'd lean towards the anime's official translation.

... now, what that is, I'm not sure. But for the sake of consistency it seems the most obvious choice.

Oct 7th 2018 at 5:09:25 PM •••

i think saitama should be added the category of strong and skilled,sure he doesn't have proper martial arts training and lacks coordination but he is capable of control his power so much that he can beat normal humans without killing them or leaving them severaly injuried. also other examples would be his fight with genos where he destroy a mountain with the wind of his punch leaving genos completely unnarmed and his fight with garou where he uses skillfull uses of the invorenment and his speed to confused him and finally beat him,he also has good aiming skill since he jump from moon to earth and endeed in the same place where he was kicked off. his fighting style is merely street brawling but he knows how to fight with finesse and skill,he doesn't need it but he knows so i think it should be added that category but leaving the unskilled but strong category.if someone is fine with my opinion i would like if he could edited and add it,thank you.

May 26th 2018 at 11:32:11 AM •••

I deleted the Garo page. Maybe he will need it in the future maybe he wont. He does not need it right now cause he does not have that many tropes. If he can stay part of the villain page without breaking it, why move him?

Oct 17th 2015 at 6:46:08 AM •••

So many Secret Keepers to Saitama... is it really appropriate, seeing how he's not actually even trying to keep it a secret?

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