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Jan 18th 2013 at 4:26:18 PM •••

I understand the push to remove Complete Monster from character sheets, but I argue that Johan is a rare case in which it should stay. He's broadly considered a Complete Monster in-universe, the series is devoted to examining the trope in detail, and it's right there in the title!

The in-universe tag negates the flagging of (otherwise) YMMV items, and it does so for a reason: perceptions of characters, by characters, can substitute those of the audience. If not here, then where would the use of the tag be justified?

Aug 9th 2011 at 2:44:14 AM •••

I dunno for Roberto as a Gonk. He may not be a Johan Liebert bishounen pretty boy but he's charming in his own right considering that he's bedded probably three women in the series:

1. Eva Heinemann 2. Blue Sophie 3. the girl who sells bratwurst in Ruhenheim

and that's just what we know of. I have my doubts a Gonk would be able to do that. After all they aren't just unattractive they are absurdly ugly and in extreme contrast to the rest of the show. Roberto actually fits in better with the rest of the class then Johan does. Johan, the pretty boy is the exception not Roberto. Also although Roberto is stocky he is by no means fat. Roberto is built like a tank. The guy could be a line backer. I don't think Roberto is Gonk. As far as attractiveness goes you'd probably have to ask someone else since I don't find guys attractive in the first place. But Roberto doesn't seem like someone who would have too much trouble finding a date. A Gonk most certainly would.

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Aug 9th 2011 at 2:47:03 AM •••

I should add that while Blue Sophie is not exactly the epitome of beautiful. Eva Heinemann IS supposed to be rather attractive (ironically she actually looks better when she's older thanks to better art) and the girl who sells bratwurst seems like she would be in her 20s and fairly attractive herself. Perhaps not Nina attractive (who again is the exception. She is supposed to be absurdly beautiful.) but still supposed to be attractive.

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