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Mar 4th 2019 at 8:12:50 AM •••

So noticing the recent edits regarding the hidden depths vs ignored epiphany in Kiyohime\'s section and remembering that tropes aplied were added there in the past before. I\'m going to assume they were deleted at some point then added again. So in the interest of fairness in trope application and avoiding any potential edit wars lets discuss.

On the hidden depths side. We know that interludes are at least to some degree the advancement of the master\'s relationship with a servant especially since part of the requirement is a certain bond point level, Altria\'s np interlude is an example. So using that logic Kiyohime denying her shadow servant self and her hesitation when doing so is her having to look inside and admit that was how she felt in the past but know she knows that\'s not true now or something along those lines as certain lines can be interpreted slighlty differently. Though as a counter point she has her homicidal tendencies in every other appearance she has

On the ignored epiphany and other tropes recently applied side. We have the fact that were forced into saying no without any other response that shows the protagonist isn\'t kosher with her usual immolate liars personality as well as her being a kill liars self on other appearances. Though a counter point to that last part could be a mix of tjose evemts being designed to be viewed individually and the writers not wanting to get rid of her niche as her yandere personality is what she\'s known for both in myth and game.

So with that info layed out as well as anymore info other tropers might add, lets discuss this so we have a decent sense of impartiality. Also sorry for the long post

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