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Mar 29th 2017 at 6:21:39 PM •••

Thinking about restructuring the way characters are organized. We have a TON of characters that show up in multiple places throughout the series, that can't be limited to one specific arc. I just think it would be better to organize less by what arc they showed up in and more by what group they belonged to—like how the "other" page is divided up. Of course not everyone fits neatly into distinct categories but still. It would solve the whole "this person is present in several arcs but only listed in the character page for one of them" sort of deal. It would also cut down on a lot of character entries that are literally just another character under an assumed identity, like with Irina.

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Mar 30th 2017 at 8:58:20 AM •••

Replying to myself but I think, while there might be too much category overlap (and categories that have characters from disparate books put in together when fans wouldn't necessarily be looking for them there), I think for now I'm just going to edit the "other" page to incorporate other character's identities more (not in cases like Eve and Margarita but cases like Elluka and Hanne where it's the same person but in a disguise)

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Oct 1st 2014 at 8:23:41 AM •••

I am not sure if there are notifications or something so people will see this or not, but I had a query about the possibility of splitting this character page? It's growing to be very very long, particularly the Seven Deadly Sins Series and Story of Evil folder, and it's only going to grow longer as more characters and tropes are added. To help navigation and prevent someday breaking the page, we could give each folder its own page and then divide these up by their own folders. The only problem is deciding how the character list would be divided again on each page. My ideas for that are as follows:

1. OSS - Doesn't need division with folders, there's few enough characters on the list. 2. SDS - Divide it by the individual "sin" songs as it is now. 3. Story of Evil - I don't know how to divide that one up, any suggestions? 4. CLS - No divisions for the same reason as OSS 5. Other - Also no divisions


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