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Sep 11th 2019 at 10:56:27 PM •••

Regarding Hargon, \"Break Them By Talking\" does not apply. Hargon dies because Malroth killed him—each time the two have an exchange, you press Y to make Malroth smack him. This is what kills him. Also, it is highly unlikely the dog was meant to be the illusory princess of Moonbrooke. None of the Moonbrooke characters besides the king have ever heard of her, as Hargon specifically created the illusion without the three Scions of Erdrick since they killed him and Malroth in the real world. Most likely, the cursed girl\'s plight was simply meant to be a callback to the princess\'s, without actually being the princess herself. She indicates in her post-game dialogue that she was a famous singer who was turned into a dog by the Children of Hargon. Also, the builder\'s expression changes back to smiling the moment Malroth is saved.

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