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Feb 12th 2018 at 3:02:39 PM •••

Page Clean-Up Thoughts

Can we more cleanly subdivide this page?

I feel like we need two overall sections

EARTH ALPHA (Office of Interchange Personnel) (Others)

EARTH PRIME (Alternate Office of Interchange Personnel) (Others)


Edited by QuantumReality
Feb 1st 2018 at 11:44:08 PM •••

I had the impression Howard's boss quayle was a bit more of a jerkass with the way he rather condescendingly tells Howard that if his promotion was due to happen it would've happened by then.

Reinforcing this, he tries blustering to alternate Howard that he's "on top of everything" even as he ogles a passing woman, and Howard not ten seconds later blindsides him with the revelation about who his contact was.

Edited by QuantumReality
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