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Feb 1st 2018 at 8:13:52 PM •••

Should Charley the Plant get a character profile in the wright agency? Charley is a plant or more specify a Cordyline Stricta. Charley has was placed in the office by Mia Fey and has been with the office ever since.

"Charley. A quite decorative plant. He's a handful, but I've grown quite attached to the little fella. He also helps me to remember all the good times with Mia."

Character Tropes And Your Little Dog, Too!: Was knocked over when Redd White broke in and was condemned by Roger Retinz. Caring Gardener: Everyone at the agency cares for Charley and tends to over water him. Companion Cube: Charley is a plant, therefore inanimate and his caretakers still love him. Punny Name: Just like everyone else in the office Charley's name could be based on Charlwoodia stricta, one of the taxonomic synonyms for Charley's species. Shout-Out: His name might be a reference to "Chuck the plant", from Maniac Mansion, which became a running in-joke and appears in many adventure games afterwards, such as Day of the Tentacle and Enclosure. Talking to Plants: When ever someone water him they tend to talk to him Tragic Keepsake: He is one of the few thing that remain in the office that belonged to Mia Fey. Team Pet: Or rather plant.

feel free to add more

Sep 25th 2017 at 7:09:03 PM •••

Pages that are now too long:

  • Defense Attorneys And Assistants: Proposed split: Create a Wright Anything Agency page (Phoenix, Apollo, Athena, Trucy, Mia, Maya, Pearl) since they're the main characters anyway.
  • Prosecutors and Judges: Proposed split: Create a "Main Prosecutors" page (Edgeworth, Franziska, Godot, Klavier, Blackquill, Nahyuta). This page is a counterpart to the WAA page, listing their main opponents in the courtroom.

Any inputs or objections?

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Jan 24th 2017 at 8:25:01 PM •••

At this time, only English and Japanese names are written down. Should all languages and different voice actors be written down for each localization (French, German, Spanish, Italian) as well? In general, not much should be added in the first place, since the French localization is the only one that makes major changes to names. However, there are a few cases in other languages as well. For instance, Klavier Gavin is "Konrad Gavin" in French and "Kantilen Gavin" in German ("Klavier" sounds like the French word "clavier" and it literally means "piano" in German, which is likely why it was changed).

For the moment, this should only be an issue for the first four games, though I would like to bring something up as well. What about unofficial translations? Right now the English fan translation names seem to be accepted on the character pages, but there are more fan translations appearing now for the English/Japanese only games like Investigations and Dual Destinies. Should those names be included as well like those of the English fan translation?

For your viewing, the Ace Attorney Investigations French project, along with links to several other fan translation pages can be found here:

Jul 10th 2015 at 8:31:20 AM •••

So, at what point do we add tropes of the characters of Dai Gyakuten Saiban?

Feb 5th 2013 at 5:09:33 AM •••

This worked well enough when there were four games with a fifth on the way, but now everything is going crazy. Anybody got an alternate sorting system?

May 4th 2012 at 1:18:34 PM •••

Why all the hate for the Iris/Phoenix pairing? It's a legitimately canonical relationship in the series.

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Dec 6th 2010 at 1:22:50 PM •••

somebody should make a "what if" fanfic of Maya Fey going to Jail.

Oct 23rd 2010 at 8:33:56 AM •••

Should all the spoilers on this page be unmarked? For every Big Bad, the spoilers are now unmarked and free to see without turning them off.

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