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Apr 28th 2012 at 1:54:56 PM •••

Okay, this is driving me crazy, so I want to run this by some other tropers just to make sure I'm not just reading too much into it.

On the Silent Hill: Dead/Alive Alternate Endings video, the so-called Worst Ending is titled "Vincent's Revenge." Like in the main video, Linkara aims the Magic Gun at Dolorem, who staggers back in fear, while the apparitions of 90's Kid, Pollo, and Harvey Finevoice all vanish. Earlier in the review, Linkara had referenced Vincent's infamous "they looked like monsters to you?" line from Silent Hill 3, so for a moment, it seemed to me like it was about to pull a Through the Eyes of Madness reveal, with Linkara either killing or about to kill Iron Liz along with the rest of his True Companions... and then we get Linkara dancing to "Thriller," with Pollo doing Vincent Price's laugh at the end.

Is it just a coincidence, or is it an example of Bait-and-Switch, a subverted (averted?) Sudden Downer Ending or Mood Whiplash, or some other trope altogether?

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