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Jun 19th 2012 at 2:29:42 AM •••

The YMMV entry of Kuroi being a Complete Monster and a crosser of Moral Event Horizon may be removed now. But something still feels very odd...

If you notice, that one act was extremely severe that not only it traumatizes Chihaya, it even made the Jupiter frown in disgust.

Now it's easy to call it just Kick the Dog. However, if we notice the previous continuities, Kuroi was just a mere high caliber Jerkass and one continuity even has a Pet the Dog. The anime version, through that act, seems to show that this version of Kuroi is far worse than the previous iterations (that the Jupiter eventually calls it quits rather than continuing to be under Kuroi despite not using his tactics in The Idolmaster 2). This sounds a lot like Moral Event Horizon to me.

Perhaps calling him a Complete Monster is too far out, but... what do you say of putting that as a Moral Event Horizon?

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