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May 23rd 2016 at 11:22:59 PM •••

I don't really... understand the ending? (SPOILERS BELOW!)


Alright, so I get the idea that in the end of the OVA, Flower seems to have passed away, and part of her was used to make the music box. But the sequence of events is confusing to me... She seems to die, and the main character finally takes her to the beach, along with his guitar. But then she seems to wake up? So, she did not die at that point after all? Or was that bit somehow imaginary, symbolic, or otherwise somehow didn't "really" happen? Or did she start working again just for that one evening before breaking down for good? Also, if Flower seems to have a tendency for shutting down and then "waking up" again, why did the main character have her made into a music box? Wasn't there always the chance that she'd "wake up" again on her own? And why didn't he do more to try to repair her? We only see him going to the one repair guy who is unable to help, and says this is because replacement parts are no longer available for Flower's model. But we never see the protagonist try any other repair shops... And would it really be literally impossible to find replacement parts? Today, you can go on eBay and find all sorts of obscure electronic components — rare and expensive, perhaps, but not impossible to get... Why would this not be the case for robots in this 20-minutes-into-the-future setting? I guess at the end of the day this can all be brushed off as "the ending is what it is, don't worry too much about the whys and wherefores." :P But it bugs me — the ending is sad, after all, and it's hard to accept it if the story doesn't seem completely convincing that it *had* to be sad.

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