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Sep 17th 2019 at 4:56:30 PM •••

If this applies to any works, why is titled specifically the "fic" may be yours?

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Sep 17th 2019 at 8:39:50 PM •••

Likely to be stock phrase back in early days.

Jun 11th 2020 at 11:44:03 AM •••

Also, fanfic writers are presumably the most likely to hear about wiki pages of their work and complain. Professional authors, directors, etc. have bigger fish to worry about.

Jan 25th 2019 at 7:36:59 AM •••

I *really* think that there needs to be an addendum regarding, for example, harassment of creators on a page in here. Like, there are a whole bunch of exceptions to this (as evidenced at the bottom of the discussion page), and yet the page carries a tone of "there are no exceptions, period."

Sep 21st 2015 at 9:56:11 AM •••

I tend to make trope pages for my own fanfics for lulz, but nobody seems to end up editing the thing except me (some others do occasionally, but usually I end up having to go it alone).

Nov 18th 2014 at 1:32:23 PM •••

Does this include Unpublished Works where this is the only way the author has shared the story in the first place?

(Yes, I know I asked this on the forums as well).

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Nov 18th 2014 at 2:10:59 PM •••

It came up recently in Ask The Tropers. No, it's not the case. Just be sure to actually delete the page, not blank it.

Jun 9th 2014 at 2:42:44 AM •••

I agree with the concept of this article, that said, I think it does need a small edit to show people where they can go to make proper complaints (e.g. not "OMG TAKE THIS ALL DOWN NOW") but if there is a legitimate issue (e.g. the page is full of complaining and Take That! about their work or the like, it contains personal attacks about them as the author/creator as opposed to criticism about the work), how that can be dealt with.

Suggesting something like this as an addition:

—- If an article that has been created about your work meets any of the following criteria, you are encouraged to contact a moderator and/or post in Ask The Tropers - keeping in mind to keep as calm and matter of fact as possible.

The article consists entirely of complaining about your work and/or is a collection of overly gratuitous insults: in this case you should (if someone else has not already) contact a moderator or post in Ask The Tropers. Such articles are highly discouraged here, and we will do our best to add balance or even cut an article that is nothing but negativity.

The article is an obvious Troll or is being vandalized on a regular basis: Trolling, nonsense articles, and vandalism are generally heavily frowned upon here, and if the article is obvious trolling or being repeatedly vandalized it may well be removed (if it has no reason for existence beyond trolling) or locked until/if the trolling ends.

The article is an Ad Hominem attack against you as a creator, or contains several said attacks: You are free to edit these out yourself under Repair Dont Respond, as long as they are clearly aimed at you personally (e.g. something calling you a supporter of Adolf Hitler) and not at your work (e.g. something saying your story has deeply offensive themes and Unfortunate Implications), and it is also a good idea to report them.

The article has been created to bring in drama from elsewhere: Importing drama here is an instant ban offense. If an article is an obvious attempt to bring in drama from other parts of the internet, report it immediately - it will likely be cut and the creator banned.

The article contains severe factual errors about your work: You may correct these yourself (though do be aware of natter and emotional overinvestment when you do - if you can't correct them without adding tons of information that is unneeded or without "defending" your work, it's generally better to wait for a third party to correct them via Wiki Magic, which can be hurried up a bit by posting in the forums, or if the issues are particularly bad, to Ask The Tropers.



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Jun 9th 2014 at 3:48:19 AM •••

That's some Wall of Text. Plus, we have wiki policies dealing with all of these.

Jun 10th 2014 at 12:03:14 AM •••

I agree - I'm thinking a more concise presentation would be a good idea. I'm just saying that this article should link to those policies, so someone who has a legitimate reason for complaint can see them and properly act rather than page blank or throw a fit, you know?

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