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Plus, you\'ve just vaguely said \
Plus, you\\\'ve just vaguely said \\\"a version that was around for 20 years has more Crowning Moments than the Cybus Cybermen after \\\'\\\'four\\\'\\\'\\\". Somehow you\\\'ve \\\'\\\'over\\\'\\\'simplified. Please. Elaborate. I haven\\\'t seen all of classic \\\'\\\'Who\\\'\\\', I\\\'m a newcomer.

Hope this wasn\\\'t too ranty, but I \\\'\\\'do\\\'\\\' like the Cybus Cybermen, even if they were a \\\'\\\'little\\\'\\\' outmatched by the Daleks. [[hottip:*:you see, if the Genesis Ark was already opened, more Daleks will have fallen at the Battle of Canary Wharf. I can\\\'t remember what the trope for that is.]]

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