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\\\"The Creator\\\'s Pet is a combination of being:

* Hated by fans (TheScrappy)
* Loved (or worshipped) by the writers (CreatorsFavorite)
* Put into big scenes for no reason (CharacterFocus)
* Talked up by the other characters (CharacterShilling)

Unless it meets all of these criteria, it doesn\\\'t fit.\\\"

Let\\\'s see about Regina:
Hated by fans
She\\\'s a BaseBreaker but not universally hated

Loved (or worshipped) by the writers:
I don\\\'t know

Put into big scenes for no reason:
Nope she\\\'s one of the main characters

Talked up by the other characters:
Nope, she\\\'s hated by the town even after her HeelFaceTurn

Then I don\\\'t see how is she a CreatorsPet

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