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*\\\"The lowest point was \\\"the date rape comic\\\" where Brew commits date rape. The punchline? \\\"Always wear protection!\\\", says Brew, wearing football gear to defend himself against his victim who is (understandably) hitting him with a baseball bat for taking advantage of her.\\\"

Excuse moi? But how was this part of my additions not a good argument for its inclusion? This comic made light of date rape, a very real problem in where rapists get college age girls drunk and take advantage of them when they pass out. This comic has the main protagonist do that exact crime, and plays it off as some juvenile fratboy antic instead of the serious criminal offense that it is. The comic expected us to go \\\"Ah that rascal!\\\" when the protagonist, Brew, committed what could only be classified as an intentional act of RAPE. Keep in mind that Brew isn\\\'t supposed to be an evil protagonist, he was intended to be this \\\"cool bro\\\" dude that audience was supposed to root for and laugh with, and that is why especially in these kinds of instances he was such an aggressively unlikable character.

Don\\\'t get me wrong I like fanservice in anime, and I enjoy the fratire genre, Maddox especially, and it is possible to make a work with a rapist protagonist, and have it come out as a masterpiece(i.e Watchmen, A Clockwork Orange, Sengoku Rance[or so I\\\'ve heard]).

However, there are lines that are drawn. If you make a work that involves something as dark as rape, you have to think maturely around the issue. Rape is serious business.

Let me break that strip down for you:
* Strip is titled \\\"Getting Laid 101\\\" or \\\"The Easy Way to Get Laid\\\" or something aggravatingly stupid like that.
Panel 1: Brew is playing a drinking game with a woman. \\\"Step 1! Challenge your object of desires with a friendly sport\\\"
Panel 2: Woman has passed out. Brew leers over her body, and winks to the audience, giving a double thumbs up. \\\"Step 2! Wait till she passes out!\\\"
Panel 3: Brew is wearing a football helmet, smiling. The woman is trying to bash his skull in from offscreen. \\\"Step 3! Remember to wear protection!\\\"

Well there other example comics that I still remember. I just don\\\'t know how to insert them into the entry yet. Trust me though, it is the sum of these comics that brings the entire webcomic down.

*In one strip, Brew dreams himself as a Tyranosaurus Rex, chewing on a Brontosaurus, while having sex with another random woman in bed.

*In another strip, titled \\\"Console Wars\\\" Brew angrily eyes a couple(representing the PS3 and Xbox360) having a romantic walk together. For some strange reason, Brew does not like the idea of the couple being together, so he whips out a katana and slices the woman(PS3) in two. He then passes the bloody sword to Mario(representing the wii) and tell the Man(Xbox360) that \\\"he did it!\\\"

*In another strip, titled \\\"learning curve\\\", Brew sees a man touching a heater over and over again, because he can\\\'t seem to learn that the heater is hot and therefore it burns. Brew resolves the problem by shoving the man\\\'s face into the heater shouting \\\"IT FUCKING BURNS!!!\\\"

*In another strip, titled \\\"Get the Edge\\\" the Shredded Moose duo, Brew & Trip, don the Penny Arcade duo\\\'s trade mark outfits and blow up the world screaming \\\"EDGY!!!\\\" in some bizarre attempt to satirize the comic that they borrow so heavily from.

So as you can see, Brew comes off as some violent psychopath with severe issues regarding the opposite sex.

His character can in some ways be likened to Gabe, except unlike Penny Arcade\\\'s Gabe, Brew has no redeemable qualities and his short temper is completely unreasonable. Gabe was a violent crazy character for sure, but he had Tycho to call him out and put a leash on him, Gabe was always portrayed as the less mature of the duo, and most all, Gabe would never stoop down to raping an unconsious woman.

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