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Agreed for the most part, though I disagree on \
Agreed for the most part, though I disagree on \\\"Eventually\\\". The battle lasts at least an hour and a half, because the police explicitly state that it would take an hour for National Guard troops to get there and they show up halfway through the battle. It seems shorter because of time compression that takes place in any movie. I would put a reasonable estimate on the length of time at two hours, at minimum. They didn\\\'t just jump immediately to the nuclear option, though they \\\'\\\'were\\\'\\\' quick to go for it.

* In \\\'\\\'The Avengers\\\'\\\', the military is explicitly stated as being unable to stop the Chitauri invasion in New York City, though the Chitauri soldiers and aircraft can be readily destroyed with modern weapons. While the National Guard does arrive to fight the invaders, it falls to the Avengers to hold the line. The World Council eventually decides that the military can\\\'t win and decides to nuke NYC rather than risk the Chitauri breaking free.

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