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* InsistentTerminology: Historical scholarship = \
* InsistentTerminology: Historical scholarship = \\\"[[WrittenByTheWinners Agreed-upon facts]]\\\". [Needs a specification of the work(s) where a character of Vidal rejects the use of the term \\\"historical scholarship\\\"]
* OldShame: \\\'\\\'Any\\\'\\\' film of his work. Thus far, the only adaptation to be made his way is \\\'\\\'The Best Man\\\'\\\' (1964) starring Henry Fonda. [If he did neither direct the movie nor write the screenplay, then he\\\'s no responsible for it and as such, it cannot not be \\\'\\\'his\\\'\\\' OldShame. All these examples seem to misapply the trope.]
** \\\'\\\'Myra Breckinridge\\\'\\\' was such a phenomenal bomb that the \\\'\\\'book\\\'\\\' stopped selling for a decade. Director Michael Sarne later got a job as a waiter in a pizza place, which according to Vidal \\\"proves that God exists and there is such a thing as [[LaserGuidedKarma Divine Symmetry]].\\\"
** He sued to have his name taken off of \\\'\\\'Caligula\\\'\\\'. The cut reviewed by Creator/RogerEbert claimed to be \\\"[[HalfTruth Adapted from]] an Original Screenplay by Gore Vidal\\\".
* ReligionIsWrong [ZeroContextExample]
* SophisticatedAsHell [ZeroContextExample]

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