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\\\"Rapunzel when she appeared in Fables. Because she was cursed, she couldn\\\'t stay in place around the mundies for too long and had a rather modern twist to her curse...her hair was cut several times a day, then donated to a wig factory; and the people there thought she was a colony of Amish girls.\\\"
\\\"It proved to be quite an interesting case of Blessed with Suck. Rapunzel makes quite a lot of money selling her hair, she makes three sets of hair several feet in length a day that are completely undamaged from wear and tear or cosmetics. Unfortunately she can barely enjoy her fortune since she\\\'s not allowed to be in the normal world for more than three hours at a time and cannot stay in the same place for more than an hour.\\\"

And it is never ever ever explained why, with all that money, Rapunzel can\\\'t [[FridgeLogic purchase a glamour]] from the residents of Floor 13 to make her hair \\\'\\\'look\\\'\\\' the same length all the time. These are the same guys who produced the (expensive) glamours that make security guy Grimble (a troll) and butler Hobbes (a goblin) look completely like harmless humans.

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