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\\\"wrong trope: he became a woman out of desperation to save his own life, not out of any psychological compulsion to do so\\\"

I say it\\\'s Transsexual. There\\\'s nothing to suggest the operation was done so Erica could save her own life, unless the user in question found dialogue or information that I hadn\\\'t yet.

If \\\"save one\\\'s own life\\\" refers to the nightmares, I... seriously doubt that. Erica herself is only aware of the rumor nature of the nightmares, not the truth behind them. To change one\\\'s biology for the sake of a rumor seems a bit off.

There WAS discussion with Erica about her disappearing at some time during her young life, but she said the rumors were unsubstantiated and that she was staying with a friend. Also, while the conclusion can be drawn that it was at this time in her life that she had the operation, there\\\'s no direct evidence.

I don\\\'t want to seem picky about this, but I\\\'ve always thought it was nice to get a good transsexual character into video games and not have it be a big deal, and to have someone say it\\\'s not true is something I would contest.

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