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I\'ve removed the \
I\\\'ve removed the \\\"little shake\\\" in the SecretHandshake a few times from this page as well as the episode\\\'s main page. Please see the definition of GettingCrapPastTheRadar:

* The content has to be [[{{Filth}} profanity or other forbidden material]]. Shaking one\\\'s butt is something you see in children\\\'s shows all the time. It\\\'s quite a stretch to call it \\\"crap\\\" of any sort.
* Also, even if it were \\\'\\\'crap\\\'\\\', it\\\'s Getting Crap Past the \\\'\\\'\\\'RADAR\\\'\\\'\\\', not \\\"Getting Crap Past a Blind Senile Censorship Officer\\\". The page clearly specifies that any crap has to be hidden somehow (crap that is accepted without hiding is RefugeInAudacity). The butt-shaking is in no way hidden or obscured, and therefore, definitely NOT being snuck past the radar.

So please, don\\\'t readd it.

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