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Alright, so, Journey...

I learned about this game this very morning, when I connected to the Playstation Store for unrelated unreasons and saw it advertised. I look it up on IGN, read the review on IGN, and decides to give it a try.

So, I end up in what I should call the tutorial level. First impression : wow. The graphics are gorgeous. I quickly learn the commands, which is easy considering how few there is, and run into living scarves that gives me the power to jump and glide, but only for as long as the runes on my scarf are glowing. Afterwards, I have to replenish my magic on those living scarves. Well, that may prove tedious, but let\'s move on. I quickly get to the real first level, and I start exploring it.

And then, the real magic begins.

A second traveller mysteriously materializes besides me.

I\'m a bit weirded out, but then I remember that the IGN review mentionned that the game randomly picks another player and connects him with you. Mmmh. Okay. We both wander a bit aimlessly, but then we quickly start to cooperate for moving on. I realize that standing next to my companion replenishes our magic, as does chanting. It sure looks like my companion caught that too, as we both start clinging to each other\'s side.

And so, we go exploring.

We help each other for finding how to go on. When we lose sight of each other, we chant for calling the other. During the faster portions, I have the impression that my companion is racing me, so I oblige gleefully. When we get to the underground tunnels, we suddenly run into giant flying stone serpents. Before I can understand what\'s going on, one of them attacks me and shreds part of my scarf. I see my companion running to my side and chanting, as if saying \
Edit : Sorry, thought this was the place to start a topic. I can\\\'t see how I can delete this, so if anyone knows, thanks to do so.

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