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Okay. To all the people complaining about the endings on the main page:
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Most people are upset by the endings. I get it. I understand it. \'\'I am one of them.\'\' However, that is fan opinion. Believe it or not, there are those who are happy with the endings, and their reasoning is just as legitimate as ours. Therefore, it goes firmly on the YMMV page. Not the main one.

And as for why you should stop? There\'s a little page called the InheritanceCycle. Once upon a time, it got locked. Still is. Why? Because the fans (and anti-fans) wouldn\'t stop fighting and complaining \'\'on the page itself.\'\' Now, I don\'t know about you, but I still like the Mass Effect series. And I would \'\'really\'\' like it if the mods didn\'t have to come in here and lock the page down for the same reasons. Take it to the YMMV page.

And as for the people who are having \'\'their\'\' entries removed from YMMV? Most of you, it\'s because you\'re not posting, you\'re venting. Again, I get it. Frustration and a need to get it out. That\'s not what the YMMV page is for. Please, take it to the forums.

Thank you.
[[GameOver You fuck your mother!]]

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