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I\'ve nicknamed it \
I\\\'ve nicknamed it \\\"Fandom Denial,\\\" for the moment, where an absolutely obsessive fan of a video game or game franchise virulently denies being a gamer, claiming it\\\'s too \\\"nerdy,\\\" and that they are only there for the background story and the philosophy (so related a bit to the Toxic Missionary subset).

A very good example is The Elder Scrolls, with it\\\'s oodles of background lore. There was one particularly infamous member of the fandom who seemed at first to be a Toxic Visionary, however when the discussion drifted to how the gameplay mechanics may cause some of the lore \\\"issues,\\\" he said something to the effect of \\\"We aren\\\'t talking about games. Games are for a special class of nerds who should all be neutered.\\\" Leaving aside, for the moment, the irony of someone willing to flame and threaten people over differences in opinion over a fantasy world calling someone else too nerdy, The Elder Scrolls is a game franchise.

The related fandom/hatedom tropes seem so far to be:
Toxic Visionary
Toxic Missionary
Public Medium Ignorance (Games as Art debate)
Creator Worship/Death of the Author (Worshipped Michael Kirkbride, all other writers completely ignored).

So, is there space for this in Fan Dumb, does it deserve its own page, what? I\\\'m not sure where to put this, if it goes anywhere at all.

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