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\'\'\'Vandalism rain from teh heavens!\'\'\'
[[folder: Teh (b)(a)(b)(a)]]

A Me$$ag3 from Teh babaGAReeb

OP3nZ UR I\'s!one!1one!11!!!1!
Sea Teh Evulz of Deleted Ur@niuMSone!1ONE1!1one1!11ONE!

[[caption-width-right:350:L͏҉0̷Ǫ͠K̷͏ ̷҉͜B3̸́H̛͜1̛͜n̵D ̶̸̕Ỳ͜OƯ̷͞ ̶1͘T͞͏̸\'̸$̷̡ ́T̢3̶̷H ̸͟͝B̸҉a̴͘8a ͘͞͝AH̛͟҉H̡͢H́H͢H̸͟HḨ́!̧!̕͜!̕]]

!!!Voiced by: Osama Bin Laden (Afghanistanese), The Great Khali (English), The Slender man (scarynese), George W Bush (Engrish, stupidnese), David Bowie (Sexinese)

TEH (b)(a)(b)(a){GAR}33b!11!!1!one!
Teh (b)(a)(b)(a) cann0t bee st0pp3d!1!11!1!

I hath come from a world that is very elastic,
shiny dung beetles like the eyes of a captain black and blue,
ride the TIGGER ride the TIGGER like a horse made of plastic,
All across the nation come a tidal wave red and like glue,
You has been treacherous to me in a way that is nostalgic,
So prepare to be put in a zoo

something associated with teh (b)(a)(b)(a)!1!!!

* I once jumped off a plane without a parachute and fell on mount everest and exploded, but did not flinch. I quickly regenerated and jumped off the mountain while wearing a pink dress doing ballet and I landed on my head. This time only my head exploded but I quickly replaced it with a rock and ran into the ocean and wrestled with sharks all night long. After causing the extinction of the sharks I had also had my arms bitten off but I replaced those with shark heads and declared war on the world. Every country with nuclear weapons dropped a atom bomb on me but I shrugged them all off and used my shark hands to do a forbidden technique and dropped the moon on the earth which caused it to be knocked off balance and crash into the sun which caused a super nova so big it created a blackhole so large which sucked the entire universe but my rock/head. Now all alone my rock/head floats in space but I did not flinch and went to sleep forever. The End.

\'\'\'Associated tropes:\'\'\'
* AttemptedRape: One time teh (b)(a)(b)(a) looked at it\'s reflection and thought it was sexy so it tore teh reflection out of teh mirror and attempted to raep it but instead it ate teh reflection because teh (b)(a)(b)(a) did not have lunch that day and was vely hungly
* TheBerserker: averted teh (b)(a)(b)(a) is never mad but can still berserk
* DisneyDeath: Teh (b)(a)(b)(a) threw Walt Disney off a cliff and to this day it is unknown if he is dead or alive
* FourIsDeath: and so is five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten,eleven..........
* HealingFactor: heals so fast that it r unpossible to woundify
* HighPressureBlood
* HolyHalo: has a holy parallelogram instead of a circle thingie
* LivingWeapon
* MeaningfulName: Teh (b)(a)(b)(a) has an meaningfilled name
* PoweredByAForsakenChild: Teh (b)(a)(b)(a) is powered on aborted fetuses.
* RestrainingBolt: there is a bolt in it\'s head that is preventing it from killing everything.
* SlasherSmile: Even when not smiling
* SuperPrototype: of humanity
* UnstoppableRage
* YourSizeMayVary: size varies from 0 to infinity.
* The End of the World as U Know It: What happen if u angur teh (b)(a)(b)(a)


[[folder: Mai-Chan\'s Wonderfully Incredible Awesometastic Life]]

Recommended for children aged 12 and below This is the most light hearted and sweetest thing I have ever read. This manga truly lets us know that what kind of beautiful kindness humans are capable of. Waita Uziga is now my role model and I will try my best to be like the good characters in this good manga. The best character is probably the president of America, he was kind enough to have sex with a new born(Not many people are capable of this kind of kindness \

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