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Narrated by \\\"Our Storyteller\\\" (GreerGarson), the show tells the tale of Aaron (voiced by Teddy Eccles), a farm boy whose story becomes entwined with that of Christ\\\'s nativity. As a result of the murder of his parents by desert bandits, Aaron has come to hate all mankind, befriending only three animals (Joshua the Camel, Samson the Donkey, and Bin Baba the lamb), who escaped the farm\\\'s destruction and whom he has taught to dance to the sound of his drumming.

The lad is seized upon by unscrupulous Ben Haramed (Josť Ferrer), \\\"King of the Desert Showmen,\\\" and his bumbling henchman Ali (Rankin-Bass\\\'s man-of-all-voices, Paul Frees, who voices every other male part as well) as a new attraction; at first, Aaron is the only successful act in Ben Haramed\\\'s troupe, but he spoils his success by denouncing the crowds cheering him. Ben Haramed is distracted from punishing the boy by the caravan of the Magi, in their traditional guise of three kings, Melchior, Gaspar, and Belthezar (\\\'\\\'sic\\\'\\\').

The kings are uninterested in a performance, but, one of their camels collapsing of fatigue, they purchase Joshua from Ben Haramed (over the drummer boy\\\'s objections). Aaron pursues the kings to Bethlehem to retrieve his camel, and finds him among the animals gathered around a stable where a [[{{Jesus}} certain baby]] has been laid.

As they are running to meet the camel, Baba the lamb is struck down by a speeding Roman chariot. Distraught, Aaron approaches King Gaspar for help; but Gaspar, admitting himself to be only a mortal king, advises him instead to seek help from the Child. Aaron, who has no gift to bring, instead plays for Him on his drum; and when the Infant smiles at him, he realizes that his hatred for all mankind has been wrong (as Our Storyteller makes [[{{Anvilicious}} anviliciously]] clear). The injured Baba is miraculously cured, and all ends happily.

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