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\\\"Minor example\\\" would be if Caraway kinda sorta frowned upon Squall. But he doesn\\\'t. Heck, he HIRED SeeD to take care of Edea, which makes him an insurgent against the Galbadian government, which means he\\\'s basically on the same side as Rinoa\\\'s private little guerrilla. That\\\'s right: Rinoa, Squall, and Caraway are all \\\'\\\'on the same side\\\'\\\'. Caraway doesn\\\'t hate Squall, he doesn\\\'t even find him mildly objectionable! He \\\'\\\'trusts\\\'\\\' Squall and SeeD and encourages them to fulfill the task they were hired for.

\\\"Disproportionate Retribution\\\" does not fit either. SeeD attempting to assassinate Edea was an act of war. Remember: whether it was a single rogue SeeD trying to kill the sorceress (like Seifer before the brainwash) or a battalion of SeeDs, the entire organization is held responsible for its operatives\\\' actions. So... someone hires SeeD to kill the head of government, it\\\'s perfectly logical for said head of government to fight back against \\\'\\\'SeeD\\\'\\\' as a whole. Whether she captures the actual agents is just an added bonus. Squall et all even \\\'\\\'mention\\\'\\\' this when Seifer goes at it alone, because they KNOW the sorceress would bring hell upon everyone in SeeD.

\\\"Window Love\\\" does not fit at all. Just because there are glass bubbles around their heads doesn\\\'t make it the trope. It\\\'s not even a minor example because \\\"Window Love\\\" explicitly means that the participants try to show physical affection but can\\\'t, with the symbolism of the glass being a barrier that prevents them from touching each other. It\\\'s a \\\'\\\'highly\\\'\\\' specific trope. Squall and Rinoa never try to reach each other through their helmets and never evoke any sentiment of this kind. They just talk, wait until they\\\'re aboard the Ragnarok to shed their suits, and \\\'\\\'then\\\'\\\' Rinoa gets all lovey-dovey.

\\\"Advanced Ancient Acropolis\\\"? Esthar\\\'s capital is extremely young, and it looks futuristic. If anything, maybe \\\"Zeerust.\\\" It\\\'s not ancient, and it doesn\\\'t \\\'\\\'look\\\'\\\' ancient. Therefore, trope doesn\\\'t apply.

\\\"Chekhov\\\'s Skill\\\" refers to an ability that is brought up once, probably early on, and then reused in a later act. \\\"Chekhov\\\'s Gun,\\\" the original narrative concept that the trope branches off from, refers to plot devices that are mentioned briefly, forgotten or put aside for the majority of the story, and then pulled up again to solve a conflict. Ellone\\\'s MentalTimeTravel is used \\\'\\\'constantly\\\'\\\' all throughout the game, and we\\\'re told about it lots and lots of times. It\\\'s not a Chekhov\\\'s Gun if it\\\'s used as consistently as Squall uses his Gunblade. Now, Ellone herself DOES qualify as the Gunman, because she appears once, vanishes, shows up an extremely limited number of times, and her identity is kept secret until TheReveal.

\\\"Mayfly December Romance\\\" mentions can both go. Edea and Cid are the same age. And the Ultimecia=Rinoa thing is Wild Mass Guessing, NOT supported by the game OR by supplemental materials anywhere. It\\\'s not even Fanon because the majority of fans reject the theory (precisely because there\\\'s no canon support for it.) So it should go in WMG, not on the main trope page.


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